Bank Vault Animation

DataVault is one of the leading password managers for iPhone, iPAD, Android, Mac & Windows.

We are looking for a partner to create an animation of a vault door opening to reveal users' data. The vault should have a gold and steel metallic exterior like a vault in a bank. See below for an image of the vault we are using in the current version and a mock-up based on Apple's App Icon grid. The shapes of the mock-up should be emulated in the animation, but the finish should be metallic like the current vault. The vault should be moving toward the user and opening to show a transparent zone where users' data will appear. Similar examples can be found by searching Youtube or Google for "vault door animation".

The maximum resolution of the animation should be 2732 x 2732 pixels to cover the largest iPads. The length of the animation should be 2 seconds. The final delivery should include a series of PNG files with transparency.

One frame of the vault animation should be delivered as a vector file, preferably in Sketch by Bohemian software, or Illustrator. This file will be used to resize app icons for various mobile devices.

Email if you are motivated to do a great job on this project.

Looking forward to your response.

Marc Bolh
Founder & CEO Ascendo