Customer Success with Colin Jones

I work as a technology consultant, specialising in software development for investment banks. Working for Trading floor personnel can be challenging and rewarding but you have to stay competitive or your valued clients may switch to use other consultants. Traders need reliable software to match their requirements fast. If the software takes too long to produce or is unreliable, a winning business strategy, to exploit a fleeting market advantage, could turn into a loss and Traders hate losses.

I use the web a lot to communicate with the development community, to get access to market data and to find useful software libraries which can reduce my development times. I have registered with over 300 web sites, each of which requires login credentials which is where DataVault gives me a competitive advantage. DataVault allows me to generate a unique password for each site which keeps my web accounts secure. It also stores site URLs as a clickable link, with login credentials which can be easily copied into the system clipboard so I can access web sites quickly and reliably.

As a Senior, I find the web increasingly useful in my day to day life, providing easy access to essential products, which can be delivered to my door, and to essential services. As a result, I have registered with over 300 web sites each of which requires unique logins and passwords. Managing this data efficiently is a real challenge with the temptation to write passwords down on scraps of paper which is unreliable and risky. DataVault is a perfect solution to this problem, providing a secure system which is designed to allow you to generate unique passwords and store them safely so you always have the right information at your fingertips when you need it and do not risk a thief getting access to your accounts.

In my personal life, I have several credit cards, all of which have embedded chips requiring unique PIN numbers and security questions. Some of my friends use the same PIN number and the same security questions for all their cards which is easy to remember but not very secure. This a risk I don't need to take because I use DataVault. DataVault is always available on my mobile devices so I can use a different number and question for each card, the correct details can be easily retrieved while a shop assistant or a waiter is waiting to be paid.

As a technical person I am aware of security issues and the risks of using any system to store precious login credentials for bank accounts or credit card web sites. DataVault uses a sophisticated encryption algorithm to ensure my data is safe and unusually the data is stored locally on my computer, not in a large central database which can attract the attention of malicious hackers. Using a sophisticated syncing function, all my devices are kept up to date so I can get easy access to my data reliably and safely.
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