Customer Success with Angus Holden

Jord International was created in 1972 when a group of Australian engineers specializing in air coolers created Jord Engineers Ltd. The company designed and build vessels for energy companies working in Australia. In 1980, Jord built the world's largest filter station.

During the 1980's Jord developed internationally with projects in New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Guinea and Thailand. In 1988, Jord opened an office in Singapore. Jord contined it's international expansion into Asia and the Middle East.

Today, Jord has become a truly international organization with global offices that house over 300 people from 24 nationalities, speaking over 40 languages. According to Angus Holden, CEO, "We built Jord the old fashion way, with 100% organic growth and no bolt-on acquisitions. Many of our people have reached their 10, 20, 30 and now 40 year service milestones. Our success stems from their collective ability, diversity and dedication to quality project execution."

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For more information on Jord, visit Jord International's web site.
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